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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Unbalanced Hero

I am far from balanced. I live my life like the ride it is, full of highs and lows. I am a strong believer in what William Shakespeare said "All the world's a stage, and all the men and women merely players: they have their exits and their entrances; and one man in his time plays many parts". Sometimes though I fear that I do not recognize when I am playing a character and when I feel genuine emotion. I wonder if I react the way I do because that is the way I feel or if it is the way I'm supposed to react to the situation.

The Quest

My quest is to have a bright-eyed young girl, just like me now, to stare up at me from the floor seats in a theater and say "i wanna be there someday". I want to show one aspiring actress that "dreams are reachable, so keep reaching." I want to tell the world one thing , and shout it from the rooftops. "Those who discourage your dreams are too weak to pursue theirs." So don't hate, APPRECIATE!!!!

The Mentor

Jenny Scaria and Jared Meza are my mentors because, when i find my life cluttered with drama,and not the good kind ;), I go to them. They listen and help me prioritize my life, and show me the good side of every situation. Jared is my confidante, I can tell him everything. Jenny is my partner in crime, and i love her to death. She always makes me realize what i had already known as the right thing to do, and on occasion gives me a good smack in the head when i deserve it.

The Threshold Guardian

My Threshold guardian is Ms.turner. She was only in my life for a short time, but impacted my life greatly. She inspired me to be an actress. She showed me to not worry about the politics of theater.

The Shadow

My personal shadow, is of no fault but my own. It is my own self-doubt. I am always getting down on my abilities as a performer. I convince myself that I am not good enough. My fear of failure keeps me from trying. I am more afraid of not getting a part in a play or a spot in a choir that it keeps me from focusing on the goal itself. My self-doubt is the biggest deterrent of not only acting career but almost every aspect of my life. This picture represents how I always scrutinize myself. It shows how I fear to think of that i am doing as opposed to thinking of of what I look like as I am doing it

The Trickster

My trickster is most definantly susie Welch, she is the single craziest, most out spoken person I have ever met. She stirs up my life and still keeps everything real. She is never afraid to tell you exactly what she is thinking! We have been tight since the seventh grade and still love hanging out and gettinng ourselves into all kinds of trouble. :) Ha ha and by the way, its very cold in New York, that in itself should explain the expression in the picture to the top right.

The Hero Meets Monstous Men

Why yes, I was born in a barn!

I have always lived in the south. I was raised with southern sentiments and manners. I realized a huge culture shock when I visited New York. The people were nearly as cold as the weather! I realized that not everyone in the will smile at a perfect stranger as they walk down the street and stop to talk if you did know them. I found out, in quite contrast to the south, people in cities are completly wrapped up in their own adgenda, and people you pass on the street are merely that...

From an immature to a more muture understand of the world

My point of "enlightenment" was when i realized that you can not control every aspect of your life no matter hard you try. Sometimes you have to let of the reigns and just see what may happen. I used to try and control everything. It would devastate me if something went wrong. I finally decided that life is full of disappointments, and by Trying to control everything i was setting myself for more unnecessary pain. This is meant to show that when you unlock or unclench our grip on everything you can make great progress and just lead a more spontaneous life.

Has a loyal band of compainions

My band of companions is a mix of the craziest girls on the block, middle school drama geeks and an assortment of friend-like goodness. They are the greatest!!! They are also the only people in the world that put up with me. My best friends include Susanna Welch, Rachel Franco, Kaitlin Cruise, Shelby Cope, Marc Webb, Gavan Cantu, Hayden Austin. "WOO" well that is quite a mouth full and I have barley made a dent! I love all of my friends they are what get me through the day(even if you aren't on the list).

The hero is naive and inexpeirenced

Some believe that ignorance is bliss. I however am not one of these people. I an very inexperienced in several aspects life. I know little of the world far beyond my front porch. I choose to see the potential of love in everyone and often am I disappointed. As i grow up see that in this world there are sometimes people that just wont like you, and that i should not get upset about it.